Byron Herbert Reece lived and wrote in the Choestoe valley of North Georgia. He lived the life of a small farmer, on land his family farmed for generations. He was lucky enough to attend high school and college, and went on to be a published and respected poet and novelist. His most prolific years were between 1938 and 1955, and saw the publication of four books of poetry and two novels. Financial success as an author and good health eluded him and he died in 1958, at the age of 40.

His legacy lives on as a respected Georgia author. The Byron Herbert Reece Society formed in 2003 to increase awareness of his work through programs, publicity and development of the Reece Farm into a destination to learn about the poet and mid-twentieth century farm life.

Use the above tabs to learn more about Byron Herbert Reece, about the work of the Reece Society including the Reece in the Schools initiative, about the Reece Farm Heritage Center, and to explore some of his poetry.



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6 responses to “Welcome

  1. I can’t wait to see and experience the Reece Center on June 3rd – to walk among the home memories of this great poet.
    JLogan Nicholson

  2. April is National Poetry Month. I’d take it as a good thing if you’d read some – mine or anyone else’s. I was partial to Robert Frost, who I can recommend highly.

  3. Ernestine Upchurch

    I have found his poetry and literature very comforting and simiiiar to my own time upon this earth. I admired the Young Harris College and the North Georgia rural ddeveopment for the efforts made to preserve his legacy,from a mountain woman in Southern Appalachia, ere 1937 to*******

  4. I love the community of Choestoe. There are many reassons for my devotion! One reason is Choestoe is where my great grandmother ‘hid out’ and DID NOT WALK TO OKLAHOMA ON THE TRAIL OF TEARS. My mother and her sister, Aunt Mary, use to ride from the Downings Creek over in Clay County(NC) by OX drawn cart to visit their grandmother in the EARLY 1900’s! We tend to call these memories PRECIOUS!

    Devoltedly yours,
    Eva Nell Mull Wike, Ph.D.
    Author: “The Matheson Cove – In the Shadow of the Devil’s Post Office” 2007

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