Have you been to the Farm?

If we may be permitted a bit of a brag….and thank you Ms. Upchurch for the kind words!

Dear John Kay and staff ,

 What an incredible day a group of 60 friends from Coosa UMC and Shady Grove UMC had at the BHR Center on September 10, 2013. All who attended were very impressed with the facilities and how the trail was set up with such detailed placards.
The gift shop was well stocked with beautiful Appalachian crafts and reading material. The video was expertly done. I was particularly fascinated with the presentations along the trail. Being a former school teacher, I saw endless opportunities  for wonderful field trips on all grade levels. At this one place children could learn in detail about  life in the mountains of North Georgia and information on what it took to be an author.
You, your staff and volunteers helped to create a wonderful day for our group. Many thnaks for all the special attention. We will speak highly of your facility and encourage others to come visit.
Sue Upchurch
Coosa UMC


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