Reece Memorial Restored

A granite plaque has been installed at the Reece Park on Blood Mountain, on the boulder where the original bronze plaque was placed and later stolen in 1959.  Reece Society Chairman, Sanford Freeman, is shown with the newly installed memorial.

sanford and placque

The plaque contains the text of Reece’s poem, I Go By Ways of Rust and Flame, and will be dedicated at a future date, since weekend access during the hiking season is extremely limited. Thanks to the US Forest Service for their permission to replace this long-neglected memorial to Reece.

I Go by Ways of Rust and Flame
By Byron Herbert Reece

I go by ways of rust and flame
Beneath the bent and lonely sky;
Behind me on the ways I came
I see the hedges lying bare,
But neither question nor reply.

A solitary thing am I
Upon the roads of rust and flame
That thin at sunset to the air.
I call upon no word nor name,
And neither question nor reply
But walk alone as all men must
Upon the roads of flame and rust.



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