Great things are happening in 2023!

Stay tuned for Opening Dates, Events, and more excitement! And as a teaser – check this out!

On behalf of the Byron Herbert Reece Society, “Congratulations to Edward Gadrix on this high honor of placing as a Quarterfinalist in the competition for the 2023 Atlanta Film Festival”. Mr. Gadrix has written and presented to the competition a screen play adapted from the novel THE HAWK AND THE SUN, written by highly acclaimed poet and novelist Byron Herbert Reece.The Reece Society appreciates your tremendous efforts in furthering the Legacy of Byron Herbert Reece. We look forward to updates from you,

THE HAWK AND THE SUN (Copyright 1955) was published by E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. Reece dedicated his novel to his sister Eva Mae Reece.

Jerri Gill, Chair


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