Reece Program at Athens Regional Library

This program consisting of ballads/poems written by Byron Herbert Reece, nationally acclaimed and award winning writer of poetry and fiction and native of Union County in North Georgia. Ralph McGill, Editor and publisher of the Atlanta Constitution has called him probably the best poet in America in his time.

The Byron Herbert Reece Society’s mission and purpose “to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the literary and cultural legacy of the Georgia mountain poet/novelist, Byron Herbert Reece”. In addition to enhancing both knowledge of and appreciation for his writings, efforts will be made to honor his way of life, with particular emphasis on his love of nature and his attachment to farming.

He is known today as the poet whose old-fashioned, finely crafted ballads and lyrics celebrate the life and heritage of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Performed by Jacqueline Elsner, accompanied by Jerry Taylor on the reed organ. (The Byron Herbert Reece Society deeply appreciates the dedication and talents of both Ms. Elsner and Mr. Taylor in the presentation of this program! )

credit: Athens Regional Library, Jackie Elsner and Jerry Taylor.

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