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The Reece Heritage Farm is located on US Hwy 129 in Union County, Georgia. It is approximately 9 miles south of Blairsville, or 1 mile north of Vogel State Park.

The Farm is open April – November. Closed December, January, February and March except for special events. 

Visitor Center hours are Wednesdays through Saturdays 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Closed Monday/Tuesday except by special arrangement for meetings or groups. Call 706-745-2034 for more information.

For more information go to

There are NO ADMISSION FEES! (Facility rental fees for groups or weddings still apply.)

Physical Address of the Reece Farm and Heritage Center:
8552 Gainesville Hwy
Blairsville, GA 30512

Visitor Center telephone:
706-745-2034 (this number will not be monitored during the winter)
Messages can be left at 706-379-5196. This is a Young Harris College number, but messages for the Society will be answered.

Reece Society Email:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 811
Young Harris, GA 30582

Social Media Policy
The Byron Herbert Reece Society aims to use social media and web pages as places to disseminate information about the Society, about Byron Herbert Reece, and to increase knowledge of events and activities at the Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center.
While the Reece Society welcomes and encourages postings from the community, it reserves the right to block individual accounts and/or remove comments, links, photos or other content from the social media sites for any reason, including but not limited to, harassment and personal attacks, derogatory or defamatory comments, commercial promotion, off-topic posts, improper use of intellectual property or copyrighted material, discourse of a political nature, or otherwise inappropriate content.

10 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Dianne Waldrop West

    I SO enjoyed my brief visit during YHC Alumni week to your beautiful BHR Farm and Heritage Center! I plan on joining your society as soon as I unpack from my trip, and wondered if the DVD I viewed there in your center is available for purchase? Tell John and Patti Kay the highlight of my trip was to see them again! 🙂 Dianne Waldrop West , YHC class of 1969

    • The DVD is called “Voices: Finding Byron Herbert Reece” and it is available in the Gift Shop. Drop us an email at or call 706-745-2034 Thursday-Sunday and we can help you. I’ll pass along your thanks to John and Patti. We’re glad you enjoyed your visit, and come back soon!

  2. We are planning a trip up to Blairsville this Saturday, April 6th. I have looked on the page to see what if any admission is charged. Can you tell me how much the admission is to the BHR Farm and Heritage Center? Thanks

    • Admission is $5 per person for the exhibits area, with discounts for children, veterans and a special rate for families.

      And apologies for not having that on there somewhere – we’ll work on that! Thanks for asking, and we hope you enjoy your visit!

  3. Michelle Campbell, Union County 4H Programs Coordinator

    I have tried on several attempts to have someone contact me about a wedding April 2013. I know that the Heritage Farm is closed during the winter months, and understand that the YHC is the main contact until spring, however, I have exhausted all means of having any return calls. My next plan is to visit YHC and see if I might beable to contact a person. I live in Blairsville and work closely with several county agents that are involved with several aspects of our community. I am concerned that we might have to go with plan “B” and have the wedding at Lake Winfield Scott. That too is a lovely venue and a desireable place for a wedding. Being a local, I was trying to promote our heritage and bring business to the BRHS and support a beautiful place. I hope that this will find someone and I can move forward so as to continue making plans for my son’s wedding. Sincerely.

    • I’m so sorry. I’m not sure what avenues you’ve been trying, but the email is checked regularly and the contact number of 706-379-5196 at YHC is in an office that is staffed during regular office hours. However, YHC is on Spring Break this week so that is a message line until Monday. I have forwarded the contact email you used to post to this site to John Kay, who is coordinating events at the site, and he will be in touch soon.

  4. Art

    Do you have a link on your site that will take me to your newsletter(s)? I can not seem to find one. TY

    • The link is located on the Society page, at the bottom. Here’s a link to that page. We’ve just uploaded our April 2012 issue. Back issues will be added as time and energy allow! Thanks for checking.

  5. Toni Jernigan

    My husband and I travel to Blairsville, on Highway 129, many time during a year. We have watched with excitement and joy the progress of the development of the BHR Farm and Heritage Center. What a beautiful site!!!
    A big “Thank You” to the BHR Society for your hard work. This gift to Union County is a true treasure and will be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

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