Some Thoughts on Inspiration 
by Ethelene Dyer Jones


Terry Kay’s Keynote Address

Byron Herbert Reece Visits Cleveland, OH
by: Jack Widner

Remembering a Man I Never Met
by: Philip Lee Williams

Blood Mountain
by: Steve Harvey

Reece Trivia
by: Mildred Greear

Searching for Reece

by: Keith Jones

Some Personal Reflections on Byron Herbert Reece
by: Ethelene Dyer Jones

Spring in Appalachia: There Service (Sarvis, Sorbus) Tree Blooms
by: Ethelene Dyer Jones

Thought on Bryon Herbert Reece’s Poem, “The Travelers”
by: Ethelene Dyer Jones

A Critique and Explication of Byron Herbert Reece’s Poem, “I Know a Valley Green with Corn”
by: Ethelene Dyer Jones

Early Settlers of Union County, Georgia: Their Descendants…Their Stories…Their Achievements; Lifting the Mists of History on Their Way of Life
by: Ethelene Dyer Jones

A Sketch of Byron Herbert Reece
by: Ed Nelson

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