Christmas Poetry

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As Mary did in Nazareth bide
She was a maiden then;
She had no thought to be a bride
Of angel of or man.

As Mary was in Galilee
Upon her bed of sleep
She did not dream a wife to be
A house and hall to keep.

As Mary did in Nazareth card
And spin the wool for cloth
She chanced to the good regard
Of man and angel both.

For Joseph lived in Galilee
Who was of David’s house;
Kindly on the maid looke he
And craved her for his spouse.

As Mary did in Nazareth bide
She heard an angel sing:
“Thou art the chosen for his bride
Who is in heaven king.

“Thou shalt conceive in summertime
And in the winter drear
When all the world is white with rime
A strong son thou shalt bear.”

And Mary laughed in Galilee
As only maiden can:
“Now tell me hos this thing shall be
Since I know not a man!”

The angel spoke for God his host,
In Nazareth soke he:
“The power of the Holy Ghost
Shall overshadow thee.

“The sun shall shine in Galilee
And shine upon a clod,
And that which shall be born of thee
He is the Son of God.”

In Nazareth dwelt Mary mild,
She carded and she spun;
On Christmas Day she bore the child
Of God, His Holy Son.

from Bow Down in Jericho (c) 1950

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