Sellers Poetry Contest Rules and Entry form

Contest Rules, 2015

1) Submitted entries must be unpublished. Simultaneous entries are accepted, but please email us at immediately if your poem is accepted elsewhere. Manuscripts should be typed in a “plain” 12 point font (i.e. Times, Arial).  Photocopies are accepted.  Entries will not be returned, so do not send your only copy.

2) Entry fee is $5 for three poems. No identifying information should be on the poems. Contest entry fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

3) Each submission should be accompanied by an entry form. Poems without the entry form or fees will be disqualified.  A PDF file of the form is here.Poetry Contest 2015

4) Contest winner will be announced and recognized at the annual meeting of the Byron Herbert Reece Society, May 30, 2015. Cash prize is $200 and the winning poet is invited to read at the meeting.

5) Contest results will be announced on the Society’s website after May 30, 2015.  Email notification will be sent to contest entrants if a working email address is included on the entry form.  Contest results will only be announced online and by email. Please check our website for results:

6) Deadline for postmark is Friday, May 8, 2015. Any entry that is not postmarked on or before that date will not be opened.  Failure to follow any of the above guidelines could result in disqualification.  Do not send the only copy of your work as all entries will be recycled.

7) Board members of the Byron Herbert Reece Society are ineligible to enter, but members of the Society are invited to participate.


5 responses to “Sellers Poetry Contest Rules and Entry form

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  3. Shanze

    Can we email the entries to you? And can people living abroad apply too?

    • Because of the payment requirement and our procedures for blind judging of the entries the poems need to be mailed with a $5 check for each three poems entered.

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