Society LogoThe purpose of the Byron Herbert Reece Society is to preserve, perpetuate, and promote the literary and cultural legacy of the Georgia mountain poet/novelist, Byron Herbert Reece.  In addition to enhancing both knowledge of and appreciation for his writings, efforts will be made to honor his way of life, with particular emphasis on his love of nature and his attachment to farming.

We’re always interested in new members, and to find out more click on the Membership Link below, or on the Leadership page to find out who is involved in the Society.

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2014 April BHR Newsletter
v 11 no 1 August 2013
Vol 10 no 3 April 2013
November 2012 Newsletter
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April 2012 Newsletter

Fall 2011 Newsletter

2 responses to “Society

  1. harrisgreen

    When will the annual meeting be?

    • The Ninth Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2012. Location and time are yet to be determined. We’ll post it here and members will get registration information well ahead of time. Thank you for your interest!

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