The Gift Shop

The Welcome Center gift shop offers a diversity of choice gift selections. These include all of the books written by or about Reece, as well as many other books of regional interest. Local craft items abound in the shop: decorative and functional pottery, jewelry, home-made soap, turned wooden bowls and trays, hand-woven baskets, Appalachian wildlife note cards, alpaca scarves and hats, tea towels, aprons, bonnets, quilts, doilies, birdhouses, hiking sticks, photos with handcrafted frames, calico pumpkin and cloth pinecones, etc. Denim shirts, tote bags, t-shirts, hats and shades with the BHRS logo are also available.

There is no charge to visit the gift shop and museum room which adjoins the shop.

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10 responses to “The Gift Shop

  1. Tim

    Do you have the music for “The Reach of Song” Drama?

  2. Do you have copies of the DVD “The Bitter Berry” for sale? Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Kemnitz

    I would very much like to purchase a book of Reece’s poetry, but would rather give your society the proceeds rather than Amazon. Will you be selling gift shop items online soon? Thank you.

    • While we don’t have the capacity to do true online ordering right now, you can certainly call the Gift Shop and order over the phone. We’d love to help you out. The n-umber is 706-745-2034 and the Shop is open from 10-5 Thursday, Friday and Saturday and from 1 to 5 on Sunday. You can also email us at with your contact information and we’ll call you when convenient. Thanks!

  4. Joyce White

    Please, please, let me know if this Byron Reese was in Nocona, Texas during WWII.

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